Osloerstraße Osloertrack Audio Stems (Hip Hop / Trap)

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These are High Quality Hip Hop Audio Stems. Available in 32 Bit 48 kHz wav file format. For you to remix and chop up. These Audio Stems are mysterious and  epic.

Audio Demo: No Limiting. Track as is. Added vocal id, not included in stems. MP3

These are High-Quality Hip Hop Audio Stems.

Available in 32 Bit 48 kHz wav file format.

Why Audio Stems?

Benefits are a full arranged track that has all the flexibility for you to remix, rearrange, or rap/sing on top. There is also a great deal of learning involved. See how different tracks are balanced, EQ`ed, and Effected. Use it as a starting point as a reference mix if you wish. We all have been there. Choosing a finished and released Mastered track but this will not get you the mix you want. A Mastered track is not just limited loud, there are so many details involved in the mastering process that are not easily spotted for referencing correctly. The audio stems provide you with quality insights for you to kick-start your journey into music production and mixing at the same time.

Enjoy and use these audio stems commercial or for your own personal rap song.

Why "Osloer Straße"

In the 1920s and 1930s Wedding was a rough and tumble working-class district. Over the years it has changed and a typical Berlin saying goes "Wedding ist anders". Meaning "Wedding is different". This audio stems pack was influenced by this gloomy and epic history in mind.

What's Included?

  • 12 Separate Stems (Stereo 32 Bit 48 kHz)
  • Full Mixdown of the track (Stereo 32 Bit 48 kHz)
  • Everything bundled into one ZIP File archive (859 MB in Size)
  • License Agreement

Track Details:

  • 165 BPM (Half-Time)
  • 3:15 minutes
  • Key - Eb/D# Phrygian Dominant
  • All recordings were done with analog external hardware


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