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I offer unique-sounding audio mixing, and music production services for music & film productions.


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Online Mixing Mastering Production Services

Frequencies and waveforms are my passion. Tweaking, sculpting, and mangling them into three-dimensional soundscapes is precisely what I am about. I worked successfully on over 1500+ released productions including TV commercials, radio jingles, scores for movies, and music productions. I work with bedroom producers as well as A-list artists. I enjoy sound design and tweaking my modular system and synthesizer collection like there is no tomorrow. I am a tech guy, I love getting my hands on new equipment and using it in unconventional and experimental ways. When people ask me, what type of music I listen to, I have a simple answer: “I enjoy good-feeling music”. Let us work together on your next project. 


What Customers Are Saying

“The sheer size of projects we have worked on together is overwhelming. Manuel delivers what is required to get the projects released. It simply sounds correct and spot-on each time. Balanced, 3D sounding, and warm mixes. He gets the song’s vision and manages to enhance every track I send his way.“

Hakan Özer

Founder, Composer, Producer, Vocalist, Jingle House

“Every time I send my song to Manuel the magic happens. In a mix, I want to hear the clarity of each instrument, every signal recorded, and the emphasis of each channel placed in the right depth with a wide spectrum of the hearing range. Dear Manuel, you were always there to make this magic happen without a revision.”

Mesut Uğurel

Guitarist & Founder, Master Class - Mesut Uğurel

“Manuel has mixed and mastered several tracks for me. His professionalism and attention to detail make the process not only pleasant but so much fun. His multi-genre experience and creativity allow him to add that special something to my music every time! One of the best ears in the mixing and mastering game!“

Kobi Onyame

Artist, Kobi Onyame

Plans and Pricing

Fixed Mixing Rates 


Films & Trailers

Butterflies (2018) | Vocals for the teaser trailer

Sen Kimsin? (2012) | Mix & Mastering Film Score

Labyrinth (2011) | Mix & Mastering Trailer

A.R.O.G (2008) | Mix & Mastering Film Score


TV Commercials

Euroleague – Turkish Airlines | Mix & Mastering

Asansör – Mavi Jeans | Recording, Mix & Mastering

NY  – Mavi Jeans | Mix & Mastering

Oyun – Fanta | Recording, Mix & Mastering

Paraf  – Halkbank | Recording, Mix & Mastering


Gold – Kobi Onyame (2017) | Mix & Mastering

Günaydin – Atiye (2010 Sony) | Writing Music

Mach mein ding– Reen (2005) | Co-Produced

Torque – MOA8ITWEDDING (2020)  | Mix   

Music Selection

Film Selection

This represents a small selection and variety of the many projects I’ve been working on.


Requirements for submitting a song
  • Current Mixdown (Master bus fx/inserts ON) 
  • Feel free to name a reference song, if a special sound a like is required
Format for delivery
  • 32 Bit 48 kHz WAV or AIFF
  • Dry and Wet Stems (individual channels)
  • No Master Bus FX/Inserts while rendering/bouncing (Limiter, Compressor…)
  • Your Current mixdown as is, also with master bus FX/Inserts
  • Key of the song 
  • BPM of the song
  • Track Naming – Number of Track – Artist – Song Name
Do you offer additional services such as Drum/Vocal tuning?

I would really like to focus my time on mixing the song as is. If Drum/Vocal tuning is needed, we would need an extra agreement. Those are operations that change how the song feels and can lead into something new and maybe not wished for.

Do you offer additional options such as Steams & Alternative mixdowns?
  • Printing Individual Stems: 50€
  • Revision: 50€
  • Alternative mixdown (Instrumental/Playback) 30€ per version
What is Hybrid Analogue ITB Mixing?

This is only available in the pro plan. This will let me achieve the best sound of both worlds. I use my external board and rack gear as well as internal VST Plug-Ins inside the digital audio workstation.

What does "ITB" mean?

ITB stands for “In the Box”, meaning that all processes are done inside a computer. 

What are your payment options?

I currently accept PayPal or wire transfer. All payments must be paid in advance. Once I received the payment I will start the mix.

Let’s create something good together

“Manuel is a full-hearted audio engineer and producer that delivers when it comes to music production, audio mixing, and mastering.” – Hakan Özer



Moog Mother 32

Dave Smith Mopho

Korg Volca Bass & Sample

Korg MS2000R

MFB TanzbaerLite

Various Eurorack Modules

Behringer Deepmind 12, Model-D & Neutron


Outboard Gear

Focal CMS 65


Klark Teknik EQP-KT

dbx 286A Mic Preamp

Lexicon MX200

Lexicon ALEX

Rode NT 1


Custom Build PC (2022)

Saffire Pro 40 (32 Inputs)

Studio One 


Various plugins (WAVES, FabFilter, Brainworks…)

Can’t wait to be working on your song.